Where to sell gold in Model town

If you are someone who is looking for some instant cash in exchange for your gold ornaments in the Model Town region, then you should give us a visit. We at “cashfor gold and Silverkings” are one of the top ornament dealers of this region. If you are selling your valuables with us, then you are sure to get the highest possible price in the region.

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So, if you want to sell gold at the highest possible price and get the amount that you really deserve, then give us a call or visit right now.

We make it easy for you to sell gold

We are one of the industry veterans working in this industry for well over 20 years. You do not need to hesitate even once when contacting us for dealing with your valuables; we deal in everything regardless of how broken or torn-up it might be. We only value the metal content in it and have the means to easily and instantly appraise the value of any type of jewelry.

To appraise the value of your item, our experts at Model Town outlet make use of XRF keratometer to evaluate the value of your item. XRF tool allows us to tell the precise amount of any precious metal in a matter of minutes, making it easier for us and you to seal the deal.

To make your selling experience as seamless as possible, we keep our documentation process as simple as possible. To deal with us, you need to bring your valid ID proof along with the relevant invoice of the jewelry, and that is it? We also offer special offer and free pick services to all of our client’s residing under the 45Km radius from our store.

After going through these two steps, you will get the value of your item in 20 minutes. If for some reason, you decide not to make the deal with us, then we will gladly return your item to you.

Gold buyers near me now

To know more about our services and gold and silver current prices, feel free to contact us anytime, we are available 24×7 to answer your query.

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